Larry Sabato recommends GOP GPS

One of the fun parts of writing a book is seeing all of the (mostly) nice things people say about the book once it is done. Many friends, colleagues and other people in the political field have given public blurbs/endorsements, but the latest was a bit unexpected. Late last week, Dr. Larry Sabato, the founder and director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, sent along his own public blurb for GOP GPS. It came without any prompting on my part and was quite unexpected.

Dr. Sabato wrote:

Donald Trump’s comfortable victory in the Electoral College may have convinced many Republicans they need change nothing about the party or its appeal–and they would be wrong. The GOP continues to lose ground with millennials, minorities, and metropolitan voters. These groups are growing in strength, and Republican candidates seem tone-deaf to their concerns. Evan Siegfried gives his fellow partisans a road map to prosperity even as U.S. demographics shift, if only Republicans will follow it.

It was truly humbling and I cannot thank Dr. Sabato enough for this wonderful surprise.

You can order GOP GPS here.

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