American Angst: President Trump’s address to Congress a Welcome Relief

Entering tonight’s address to a joint session of Congress, President Trump faced a great deal of American Angst. Aside from his base, Americans have felt a sense of unease as Democrats and the White House have battled since January over just about everything. Neither side has looked to put America at ease. Tonight, President Trump took a big step toward calming the American Angst.

The tone of the speech itself was far different than that of anything we have seen out of President Trump. Ever.

Trump surprisingly used this address not to be the bombastic president that we have become accustomed to for the past five weeks, but a president that who was presidential. For the first time in his young presidency, Trump spoke to the hopes and aspirations of America and its people. Not only did he do that, but his tone was far calmer and less-combative than we have ever seen from this president.

However, this new and welcomed tone does not mean that the speech was flawless.

President Trump did indeed hit high notes throughout the speech, but he neglected to offer details on how he would achieve his proposals. A prime example is when he discussed our veterans, whom the VA has made into forgotten and neglected heroes. Trump said only on veterans, “And now we must deliver for them.” No further details were provided on how we would deliver for them and not a single policy specific was mentioned. The same could be said of his mentions of Obamacare, tax reform and any other issue facing America. Details were not scarce, they were nonexistent.

Nonetheless, this new tone was quite a welcome one from the president. He began the address by condemning the bomb threats and anti-Semitic acts made in the past few weeks; something that many on both the right and the left have been calling for. It was a moment that even the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League praised.

Many on the Democratic side of the aisle entered this speech expecting a fight, but they failed to get one. President Trump entered the House Chamber and delivered a presidential speech that was not only a reset of his administration, but one that should comfort many Americans experiencing the unease and angst that faces the United States.

This President Trump made many promises and set the bar high. Let us hope that he lives up to the standard which he just set.

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