Reality check: AHCA failed because it was dumpster fire of a bill

The AHCA failed in the House? My explanation which I posted on Twitter as a mini tweetstorm.

The AHCA failed and yes, we had seven years to plan for an alternative to Obamacare, or what is commonly referred to as “repeal and replace.” Yet, somehow we Republicans managed to not

Both President Trump and Speaker Ryan deserve blame for the failure of the AHCA.

even come up with a detailed plan, the AHCA, until this year. It was a dumpster fire of a bill and its plethora of negative traits was why the AHCA failed.

Furthermore, blame should go to House GOP leadership and President Trump, as they were both part of the problem when it came to the AHCA. However, despite being great rhetorical punching bags, Democrats should not receive blame. They are actually claiming that their organizing to get citizens to town halls to shout at lawmakers was why this bill failed. The bill failed because it was just an awful bill and not because of anything Democrats did. The AHCA failed not because of Democrats, as they were essentially irrelevant.

A few minutes after the tweetstorm posted above, I added this for a simpler explanation on how we Republicans blew it and a lighter take on why the AHCA failed.

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