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Who would have thought that the Republican Party, the pro-life party of the United States, would so openly embrace assisted suicide? But what was unthinkable a year ago is reality today: Donald Trump is the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

It is a terrifying thought for many conservatives, as not only does Trump put the GOP majorities in the House and Senate at severe risk of flipping to Democratic control, but he is the walking antithesis to conservatism.

Trump has made his entire campaign about anger. He tapped the heaping amount of dissatisfaction of voters with Washington, D.C., and hurled below-the-belt insults their way. Sure, he might have said what many were thinking, but his childish antics revealed one of the many reasons that Trump should not ever be allowed in the Oval Office.

Earlier this week, Trump took his insults to a new height. He insinuated that Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Has a non-fringe presidential candidate ever spewed such insanity? I doubt it.

This is not the first time that Trump has peddled conspiracies. He pushed the ridiculous notion that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and part of some Manchurian candidate conspiracy. On multiple occasions, Trump has peddled the outright lie that vaccines cause autism. He spews rumors, even deeply damaging ones, for sport. Such an attitude is dangerous for someone who aspires to power.

People are hurting and enduring problems that we have a duty to confront. But Trump is telling Americans that he is the solution to their problems. He is essentially making the case that he should be a strongman vested with an inordinate amount of authority. This is the opposite of conservatism, which believes in limited power and authority for officials.

When it comes to detailed policies, Trump has offered none (with the exception of banning Muslims from entering the United States and building a wall along the border with Mexico). When pressed for details, he can only offer platitudes. How will he create jobs? We will “win” again on trade. How do we get better trade? Oh that’s simple, we just make “great deals” and get the world to respect us “bigly.”

It is just verbal vomit.

Temperament and strong moral fiber are also a vital part of being President. Time and time again, Trump has demonstrated an incredibly thin skin and obsession with vengeance. He still picks on, taunts and attacks any person or group who has offended him in the slightest. This behavior is not the behavior of a potential President, but of an insecure bully.

What would happen if, say, Vladimir Putin were to upset a President Trump? At best, we could hope for a childish Twitter rant by the leader of the free world. At worst, Trump could literally escalate the situation and ultimately cause the needless loss of life.

Let’s also not forget that Trump has openly advocated for committing war crimes against the families of members of ISIS by calling for their targeted killing. Make no mistake, ISIS is awful and should be wiped off the face of the earth, but their wives and children should not be punished for the sins of their fathers. Such morals and logic are dangerous.

Hillary Clinton is a rather deplorable character. Her entire career has been filled with controversy and dishonesty. She employed a “kill the victim” strategy with the many women who came forward to accuse her husband of sexual assault. There have been credible accusations that, as secretary of state, Clinton used the State Department to enrich her foundation’s donors.

However, with Clinton we know what we are getting. She will be a stable hand manning the helm of the executive branch. She is not prone to letting kneejerk emotions and petty grudges dictate her actions as President. Additionally, Clinton actually understands the issues that she would confront as President. Whatever you think of her policies, nobody can credibly argue that she is uninformed about the many complexities of government and the world.

Barring a credible third-party candidate, I am faced with the option of choosing to vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in November. You might as well give me the choice between cyanide and arsenic. However, one is infinitely worse than the other. I am an American first and a Republican second, which is why I must put aside partisan differences and vote for the safest route forward for the United States.

The Republican Party can rebuild, but the Republic cannot. I’m voting for GOP candidates in other races. But for the good of the country, I must do the unthinkable and say: I’m with her.

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